Word of God for the Average Joe
Below is a collection of bible studies that I've written during my walk of faith.
Each one has personal significance to a time in either my life, or in the life of someone close to me.  As I finish studies, I will add them to
this page.  My prayer is that they will be a blessing to all who read them.
Road Blocks of the Holy Spirit - Numbers 22
Dealing with Giants in our lives - 1 Samuel 17
The Holy Spirit works in the lives of believers and non-believers alike.  No
matter how far away from God we may be, He works constantly to draw us
back to Himself.  Learn how He does it in this study of the prophet Balaam
and his talking donkey.
The Word on Prayer
Do you need to be sinless to enter Heaven?
What does the bible say about prayer?  This study looks at the teachings of
Jesus and the Apostles in regards to effective prayer.
What do we need to do to get to heaven?  This study takes a practical
look at Justification through the Grace of God, by faith in Jesus Christ.
Do you ever feel that you are battling a situation that you just can't get past?
Whether it is an addiction to drugs, alcohol or pornography, forgiveness,
fear of confrontation, or even a struggling relationship, you can learn to
overcome them in this study of David and Goliath.
The Reason
Study the reasons for why God does the things He does.
Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me...
You find yourself standing with divorce papers in your hand, or sitting in a jail
cell.  You wonder how it happened.  Sure, you knew what you were doing was
wrong, but nothing like this ever happened before.  
Will you go to heaven when you die?
Have you ever trusted in Jesus Christ to forgive your sins?  This study
explains the truth of what it means to be saved.